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SaberNet DCS version 2.0.7 released

SaberNet DCS is a labor data collection system, designed to allow organizations to rapidly capture their labor data in real-time. Optimized for bar code input, DCS is the perfect way to automate and improve the accuracy of your time tracking.

Updates in version 2.0.7 include:
* New feature: recent activity list pulls data from database history. Previously the recent activity list was limited to the lifetime of the client and was not specific to the selected employee. Now the recent activity list is populated from the server when the employee selects themselves. NOTE: this new feature in 2.0.7 will require that the server also be at version 2.0.7. It also requires that the indexed in Indexes.sql be applied to the database. Please see the Release Notes for version 2.0.7 for instructions and more information.
* Split [operation] cascade parameter into cascade_quantity and cascade_complete.
* New Windows (win32) DCS Server installer
* New functionality to add and edit Employees and Indirects using the DCS Server
* Lots of important bug fixes

Download SaberNet DCS 2.0.7:
Project homepage:

Posted by Seth Remington 2008-01-08

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