Initial Release of SaberNet DCS Now Available!

Introducing SaberNet DCS, an enterprise labor data collection system designed with efficiency in mind. Optimized for bar code input, SaberNet DCS is the perfect way to automate and improve the accuracy of your time tracking.

SaberNet DCS empowers your business to rapidly capture labor data and gives you continuous visibility into your operations. This insight allows you to react to changing business conditions, giving you a powerful competitive advantage. Working in either stand-alone mode or directly with your ERP, you gain real visibility into the profitability of individual jobs, projects, and departments. SaberNet DCS also provides data to determine accurate labor efficiencies, enabling you to quickly uncover savings opportunities.

Because off-the-shelf solutions don't often work for data collection, SaberNet DCS was built from the start to be customizable. Software should yield to your way of doing business and must address your exact needs. SaberNet DCS works on any Linux, Windows or Mac OS platform. SaberNet DCS can also link up to and work with your existing business software systems, no matter how remote. By linking SaberNet DCS with your ERP, CRM, or payroll system, information is streamlined and the power of your data is multiplied. It can function as a simple, stand-alone application or can be part of an enterprise implementation spanning multiple servers, databases, and locations.

SaberNet DCS was also created with efficiency in mind. It simply isn't economical to implement a labor data collection system that wastes the very resource you are trying to track. With that in mind DCS has streamlined the labor data collection process and has incorporated a high degree of automation. While other collection systems can take up to 20 seconds to complete all of the steps in a transaction, SaberNet DCS does it in a quarter of that time. If you consider the number of your employees, the number of entries they make over a year, and the value of that lost labor, the cost savings DCS offers is incredible. Consider the following:

* Single swipe clock-in allows employees to rapidly clock in at a door terminal.

* Single swipe lunch / break allows you to suspend and resume an activity using a single barcode.

* Instant activity switching allows an employee to immediately end one task and begin another.

Other features include:
* One employee on multiple jobs (job ganging)

* Multiple employees on one job

* Job management is performed with integrated prioritized work queues and job completion. This gives management seamless control over the shop floor and works well in lean manufacturing/process environments.

* Web enabled front end (SaberNet) allows you to quickly reference what every employee in your organization is currently doing from your browser.

* Remote access from anywhere in the world allows multiple facilities to work together on a single, secure system.

* Runs as either a stand-alone application (autonomous) or it can tie into an ERP/CRM/MIS or payroll system to fit your needs.

* 2 modes of operation: shop floor automated (bar-codes and scanners) and desktop standalone (mouse and keyboard).

* Powerful reporting can be generated with Crystal Reports.

Because the data that SaberNet DCS collects is critical to businesses, SaberLogic stands solidly behind SaberNet DCS with full array of support options. SaberLogic offers technical support with up to a 4 hour response time. Software and report customizations, training, and even installation and implementation services are also available. SaberNet DCS is a solid tool backed by a team of developers that are committed to its user's success.

Posted by Adam Ellis 2004-02-26

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