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  • dan

    dan - 2004-07-16


    I've got the DCS working on my server, but there is no web-based reporting and I can't figure out how to use the crystal reports. I can't seem to find any documentation on the reporting either. Can someone please point me in a helpful direction? I've managed to obtain a copy of Crystal Reports 10 to try and view the files... but they don't seem to want to grab data from the database either. I keep getting 'Failed to open rowset'.. and it seems like all the Fields are linked to the proper tables in the db... so I'm not entirely sure whats going on.

    Are there some online php reporting pages that I've missed? Also, when you submit records for posting... what exactly happens to them?



    • Adam Ellis

      Adam Ellis - 2004-07-18

      Hey Dan,

      Currently all of the DCS reports are written in Crystal, but we hope to move to an open reporting platform (php, python, something like that) in the future.  So, no, you are not missing any web reports.

      Now, regarding getting the Crystal Reports running, there are a few things you will need to have in place:

      1.  Either a copy of Crystal Reports -or- the Crystal Reports runtime distribution (if you do not need to edit the reports).  The runtime is freely distributable, but Business Objects requires that the distributor maintain a list of users.  If anybody out there needs the runtime, just post to the list and I'd be happy to give you a copy, but I'll need your contact info.

      2.  The MySQL ODBC driver
      (  The driver must be configured like so:
        - Go to Start, Settings, Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Data Sources (ODBC).
        - On the System DSN tab, press the Add button.
        - Select MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver from the list and press Finish.
        - The data source name must be 'SaberNET DCS'.  The rest of the options should match your MySQL server configuration.

      3.  The Bar Fonts UFL (if you are using reports with bar codes on them.  employee badges, indirect activity list, job traveler).  Here are the installation steps:
        - Download from our project files.
        - Extract CRUFLBarFonts.dll to your Windows\Crystal folder.
        - Go to Start, Run, and do a 'regsvr32 c:\windows\crystal\cruflbarfonts.dll'
        - Install the BarFonts from

      At this point, you should be able to fire up the reports in Crystal just fine.  If you already had all this in place and still have problems, let me know which report you are having problems with (or if it is all of them) and I'll try to help you out some more.

      When you have everything working, you might want to look into automating the delivery of these reports to printer, e-mail, etc.  For example, you might want the daily time cards to automatically print out every morning.  We have a free utility here that does just that:

      It comes with the source code, but cannot be GPL for the same reasons I need to get contact info on the runtime Crystal Reports :(

      One last thing, we have a few reports developed that have not been posted to SourceForge because they are specific to the BAAN ERP (estimated vs. actual stuff).  If you're a BAAN user, let me know and I can shoot them over to you.

      Take care,

    • Adam Ellis

      Adam Ellis - 2004-07-18

      ...almost forgot to answer your question about posting.

      The 'Post Labor Transactions' button in the 'Edit Time' module manipluates the 'Posted' field in the LaborHed table.  The labor records leave DCS with a posted status of '0'.  The idea is that you'd go into the 'Edit Time' module, fix all the records up according to corrections employees would specify on the Daily Time Card, and post the records when they are perfect.  When posted, the transactions no longer show up in the 'Edit Time' module.

      Note that, depending on how / if DCS is integrated into your other systems, this may just be the beginning for the labor records.  For a client, we configured a conduit that took all of the posted records (laborhed.posted = 1) and pulled those records into their BAAN ERP.  *Then*, when the record had been successfully pulled in, we changed laborhed.posted to 2.  The idea is that this posted field not only works as a filter for the 'Edit Time' module, but can also be used to tell your conduits what records are primed for import.


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