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  • youpsla

    youpsla - 2006-09-14

    i'made the installation but I'm not sure saberdcs is connected to pyro.
    When I launch the GTK client, I got the following error message:
    "Error:('name not found',':sndcs.DCSServer')

    Can someone help please ?


    • Matthew Ranostay


      Seems that the PYRO server is not running, you need to start it with typing 'sndcsd'(your running a POSIX/*NIX system?) or running the init  script. Also please post your sndcsd.conf, please note if line [pyro] ... is pointing to the right network interface(i.e 192.168.123). Also if this still unsuccessful, does you networking equipment allow broadcasting? If not you need to change the sndcs2.conf file's option "[pyro] ... ns_hostname =" to point to the server IP in all of the clients.
      Also note you cannot broadcast PYRO over multiple subnets.

      Hope I could be of some help.
      Also the docs here
      should explain more.

    • Seth Remington

      Seth Remington - 2006-09-14

      You must have the Pyro Name Server running otherwise you would have gotten a "Unable to connect to Name Server" error instead of the one you got.

      I'm guessing that the Name Server Daemon is running but the SaberNet DCS Daemon (sndcsd) is not. When sndcsd is started it registers several objects with the name server including :sndcs.DCSServer which is the one not found in your error message.

      There are three pieces that need to be running on the server side for everything to work:

      1. Pyro Name Server (ns or sometimes pyro-ns)
      2. Pyro Event Server (es or sometimes pyro-es)
      3. SaberNet DCS Daemon (sndcsd)

      The first two services are provided by Pyro and the last by DCS.

      There are several ways to get all of these services up and running:

      1. Start everything manually. Start ns in a shell, start es in a shell, and start sndcsd in a shell (in that order).
      2. Start everything automatically with init scripts. Pyro provides it's own init scripts and DCS provides init scripts for sndcsd.
      3. Start sndcsd (either manually or through init script) and let *it* automatically start the name server and event server.

      The last one is the most convenient for getting started and is actually what it will do with a default configuration. When you start sndcsd it will start the NS then the ES and finally the DCS daemon.

      Hope that helps.



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