I believe I have a problem with multipart uploads. I'm currently uploading a set of archive files that are all 150MB each. The command I use is:

# s3cmd put <filename> s3://<bucket> --mime-type=application/x-dar 2>&1 >> backup.log

The average upload speed that s3cmd is reporting is 105kB/s. Does that seem slow? I believe there is only one single upload, as when I run netstat -nputw, only one socket is listed for python:-

tcp        0  61736        ESTABLISHED 7886/python

Would this list many connections if doing a multipart upload? If I check the multiparts using s3cmd, I get:-

root@nas:~# s3cmd multipart s3://<bucket>
Initiated    Path    Id
2014-06-26T18:09:42.000Z    s3://<bucket>/backup_2014-06-24_full.116.dar    SAuMBSqDY.7xXZ3bOVNzpiqcmbqPbgVhzeMx4hnCMNE_LKCqvPN5_Z8MlSxcReNBRARy9.r6iH6vBK9cyF1KsQ--

Can anyone tell whether I am getting multiparts uploads or not, and if not, why that might be?

My version of s3cmd is 1.5.0-beta1, with python version 2.7.3.

Thanks for any help, and thanks to all the developers for a great tool.

Rob Smith