I have been collecting bugfixes since 1.5.0-beta1, and have now merged them into the upstream master branch at https://github.com/s3tools/s3cmd.  Below please find the shortlog of changes.

If you have a bugfix that I have somehow missed, please let me know and I will review again.

The testsuite still fails to run on Windows.  That's going to prevent significant testing on Windows.  If you are a Windows user of s3cmd, and have the inclination, I would appreciate any fixes you can provide there.


Francois Lebel (1):
      Fix the example for recursive listing.

Matt Domsch (24):
      include python version in error dump
      remove python-2.5-ism when guessing mimetype (bug #218)
      encode filenames to system encoding before calling shutils.copy2()
      getting the file system encoding is loop invariant
      Print a useful error message when MemoryError is raised
      fixes for Windows not including a pwd module
      fix divide-by-zero when no files were transferred
      handle OSError: No such file or directory in get_local_filelist
      --no-check-md5 should disable md5sum calculation, including preserved attributes
      fix put - s3://  (upload from stdin, #270)
      os.gete[ug]id() doesn't exist on non-Unix

Oliver Byford (1):
      Fix a spelling mistake (conect => connect)

Robert Palmer (2):
      Added support for restoring files from Glacier storage.
      Less verbose