I've got a rather hairy problem here.  I have a bucket that I've granted access to to 6 people doing a collaborative project. Some of them, being artists and non techie, didn't set ACLs on files they uploaded and they can only be accessed with their keys. 

So I'm trying to download the entire bucket's contents onto a new fileserver I've built. It's about 16,000 files and generally a mess in terms of ACLs. So when I do a recursive GET with S3 command I will hit files for which the key I'm using doesn't have permission. It throws a 403 FORBIDDEN and terminates. I need s3cmd to just ignore this error on continue on so that I can repeat the process with the keys I have (Not all of them unfortunately) and get the lions share of the files off the bucket. 

Is there an option to do this currently that I'm overlooking?