Dear All,

This is my first time using the tool.
It looks great.  But ...
When I ran it as follows:
root@staging:/usr/tools/s3cmd- s3cmd sync test/f2 s3://m2-media/000/f2
test/f2 -> s3://m2-media/000/f2  [1 of 1]
 23 of 23   100% in    0s   332.18 B/s  done
Done. Uploaded 23 bytes in 0.1 seconds, 308.80 B/s
It looks lilke it worked but when I go to my AWS management console I don't see the file where I expected it to be.  Namely in bucket m2-media and in folder  000
Do I have to specify
 somewhere ?  Or is it implied with "s3"?
Shem-Tov Shapiro