Michal that's fine. but still the error is same " error 404 : (NoSuchKey) : the specified key does not exists"

On Tue, Jun 16, 2009 at 11:05 AM, Michal Ludvig <michal@logix.cz> wrote:
Rahul Singh Gehlot wrote:

> I am trying to run some command from my servral servers ,But it's giving
> me error " ERROR: S3 error: 404 (NoSuchKey): The specified key does not
> exist."
> I have already created this directory & i can see the status using
> "s3cmd ls"
> i Tried with both mv & cp , none of them worked.
> 1.  s3cmd  mv   s3://paladion-backup/rahul/b1
> s3://paladion-backup/rahul/b2
> 2.  s3cmd  cp   s3://paladion-backup/rahul/b1
> s3://paladion-backup/rahul/b2

If s3://paladion-backup/rahul/b1 is a "directory" you need to use
s3cmd mv --recursive ...

Test that it really does what you intend it to do with --dry-run


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