Hi s3cmd users!

Another week passed, another release arrived - s3cmd 1.5.0-alpha3

The main feature of this release is Persistent reusable HTTP connections - an improvement that brings massive speedup for pretty much all Amazon S3 operations.

Up until now s3cmd used to open a new connection for each file upload, download, delete, etc. That resulted in quite a big overhead, especially for short requests like remote file copy or delete. Even worse when HTTPS was turned on - setting up the SSL channel for each and every request was a very resource intensive and time consuming exercise.

From s3cmd 1.5.0-alpha3 on we support a much faster approach - we open the connection once and use it again and again and again without closing and re-opening for each subsequent request. That achieves a significant speedup in all operations.

From my office on a remote Pacific island with slow ADSL and huge latency to S3 I get:

- Testsuite run without SSL from 3 min 54 sec down to 2' 54" - that's 26% speedup
- Testsuite run with SSL (i.e. HTTPS) from 5' 59" down to 3' 11" = 47% speedup
- Uploading 10000 files from 145' 43" down to 57' 43" = 61% speedup
- Deleting 10000 files from 121' 41" down to 33' 6" - that's 72% speedup!!

Obviously if you are on a fat pipe with a low latency close to an Amazon datacentre you may not experience such an extreme improvement - I'm keen to hear how much (if at all) the new connection handling helps in your case!

With regards to other changes in alpha3
- new switch --quiet / -q to suppress all "normal" output from s3cmd. (Siddarth Prakash)
- s3cmd get now honours umask again - for some time the downloaded files were created with 0600 permissions - that's now corrected. (Jason Dalton)
- Matt Domsch did a great job fixing small annoying bugs and closing resolved tickets - thanks!

Please download, test and report any problems

The most up to date sourcecode is available on GitHub:

Also check out our website for further updates:

Have a nice day!