Surprise surprise!

After more than a year of neglecting s3cmd and letting it rot unmaintained I thought I should spend some time bringing it back to life.

Here you go: s3cmd 1.5.0-alpha1 is now available

Big thanks to Matt Domsch for integrating many pull requests over the year into his Fedora version of s3cmd. This s3cmd 1.5.0-alpha1 is very much based on his outstanding work.

And of course many thanks and a big sorry to all the contributors who submitted new features and bug fixes and were left without a response, wondering if their work is ever going to be merged back into the official s3cmd codebase. Sorry guys, this indeed wasn't a prime example of a project maintainership :(

So what has changed since 1.1.0-beta3 released a year ago?

s3cmd 1.5.0-alpha1
* Server-side copy for hardlinks/softlinks to improve performance  (Matt Domsch)
* New [signurl] command (Craig Ringer)
* Improved symlink-loop detection (Michal Ludvig)
* Add --delete-after option for sync (Matt Domsch)
* Handle empty return bodies when processing S3 errors.  (Kelly McLaughlin)
* Upload from STDIN (Eric Connell)
* Updated bucket locations (Stefhen Hovland)
* Support custom HTTP headers (Brendan O'Connor, Karl Matthias)
* Improved MIME support (Karsten Sperling, Christopher Noyes)
* Added support for --acl-grant/--acl-revoke to 'sync' command  (Michael Tyson)
* CloudFront: Support default index and default root invalidation  (Josep del Rio)
* Command line options for access/secret keys (Matt Sweeney)
* Support [setpolicy] for setting bucket policies (Joe Fiorini)
* Respect the $TZ environment variable (James Brown)
* Reduce memory consumption for [s3cmd du] (Charlie Schluting)
* Rate limit progress updates (Steven Noonan)
* Download from S3 to a temp file first (Sumit Kumar)
* Reuse a single connection when doing a bucket list (Kelly McLaughlin)
* Delete empty files if object_get() failed (Oren Held)

That's a lot of changes all around the codebase. Although s3cmd passes the testsuite and works in the common situations I'm afraid we may have missed some corner cases. Please report any problems you experience when running s3cmd 1.5.0-alpha1 to make the final release as stable as possible.

Download from here:

The most up to date sourcecode is available on GitHub:

Also check out our website for further updates:

Now download, test and enjoy! :)

Michal & contributors