On 01/08/12 06:30, Matt Domsch wrote:
Still hoping Michal Ludvig will pull all these changes into his tree.

Hi Matt and everyone who sent me pull requests over the past year or so.

I'm really sorry for not following up and for ... basically ... ignoring your efforts. I know this is not the right way the project is meant to be led.

As it's often the case in the open source world these projects are only a hobby for their founders and so was s3cmd my hobby for over 5 years. Not generating any real income but it was fun and a great learning experience. However after such a long time of working on s3cmd, bringing it to the masses, making it one of the best products in its class (ok, enough bragging :) and seeing the community of users and contributors grow I'm afraid I have now became the bottleneck slowing the project down instead of being the leader pushing it forward. And unfortunately it's not about to improve anytime soon - I now have other commitments, family, less free time overall and can't spend as much time on s3cmd as the project deserves.

But I'm pleased to see the community is doing very well even without me being actively involved and I'm more than happy to pass the leadership hat on to someone new. To someone who is keen to bring new life to the project, invest his time in reviewing the pull requests, responding to emails and releasing new versions.

There is indeed some responsibility in this role - in order to keep s3cmd maintainable in the long term there has to be some vision of where the project goes and quality control of the code being merged. Reviewing patches and working with the contributors is what I actually found to be the most energy consuming task, and that's why there are so many pending pull requests in the queue - I didn't have time to review them and eventually work with their authors to bring them up to the required standard. That's probably the biggest challenge of this role.

On the other hand it is by no means a full time position, a couple of hours a month is usually all it takes. Don't feel obliged to keep the role forever, people come and go, that's normal. However if you could spend some time on s3cmd every now and then over the next year or so that'd be great. Shorter engagements probably don't make much sense - you'll have to lead the crowd for a while, not just merge all the outstanding pull requests and disappear.

Is there anyone on the list who is keen to step in and assume the s3cmd leadership role? Raise your hands! One, two, three leaders / maintainers, not a problem :)

Guys? Girls? Cats? Dogs? Parrots? Matt? Anyone?

Needless to say it's your unique opportunity to gain a worldwide fame by being the main figure in such a prominent project (ok, overstating a bit :)

Hope to hear from you soon!