Hello World :)

The time has come, s3cmd 1.0.0 has been released!

Four years after the first public version s3cmd is now a stable, production ready, easy to use piece of software. It supports almost all features of Amazon S3 and Amazon CloudFront, is designed for use in shell scripts and automated processes, great both for sensitive encrypted backups to Amazon S3 as well as for publishing web content via Amazon CloudFront content delivery network. And all in between.

The list of all currently supported features is very long, let me just include the changes from s3cmd
* [sync] now supports --no-check-md5
* [sync] now supports bucket-to-bucket synchronisation
* Added [accesslog] command.
* Added access logging for CloudFront distributions using [cfmodify --log]
* Added --acl-grant and --acl-revoke [thx Timothee Groleau]
* Allow s3:// URI as well as cf:// URI as a distribution name for most CloudFront related commands.
* Support for Reduced Redundancy Storage (--reduced-redundancy)
* Follow symlinks in [put] and [sync] with --follow-symlinks
* Support for CloudFront DefaultRootObject [thx Luke Andrew]
* Network connections now have 10s timeout

Obviously this is the best s3cmd release ever - all users are advised to upgrade. See http://s3tools.org/download for download links or go directly to the SourceForge download page: https://sourceforge.net/projects/s3tools/files/s3cmd/

RPM repositories
If you run a RedHat, CentOS, Fedora or one of the SuSE distributions the best way to keep your s3cmd up to date is to install it from our RPM repository. See http://s3tools.org/repositories for more informations and instructions.

Development support
If you find s3cmd useful, and especially if you use it for your business, you may want to support further development by giving us a small donation.
Visit http://s3tools.org/donate for more info.

Future development
s3cmd 1.0.0 is an important milestone but we're not yet done. The most requested features that will be addressed in the near future include:
* Multipart upload - more reliable than current file-at-once and allowing over 5GB files.
* CloudFront invalidation - integrated with 'sync' as well as standalone 'cfinvalidate' command.
* and a lot more :)

As with any new release I'm keen to hear your feedback, positive or not. Direct any emails to s3tools-general@lists.sourceforge.net as usually.

Enjoy s3cmd 1.0.0 and have a great day!