Hi Martin,

On 11/02/2010 08:30 PM, Martin Wickman wrote:
* You may want to include the parallel patch 
(http://blog.50projects.com/p/s3cmd-modifications.html). It speeds up 
s3cmd _considerably_. We're talking x10 here.
I know about this patch but it's too huge for inclusion in -rc phase just before 1.0.0. Will have a closer look after the release.
* The 'put' command should have a flag for checking md5/file size before 
uploading, like sync. I hacked it like this:
What's the difference between sync and put then?
* There is a bug in S3.send_request() which causes timeout/hang if there 
is no body in the server response. Fix like this:

def send_request(self, request, body = None, retries = _max_retries):
                   if method_string != "HEAD":
                           response["data"] =  http_response.read()
What Python version have you got? HTTPResponse.read() returns an empty string if there is no body in the server response, for instance for HEAD requests. I.e. "works for me"...