Hi all s3cmd users!

I'm sorry for not being active on this list for the past couple of months. I was busy with some non-IT stuff and didn't have time for s3cmd at all. I'm back online though and am pulling patches together for a s3cmd 1.0.0 release. The current development snapshot has just been released as 1.0.0-rc1.

New features worth testing:
- Support for Reduced Redundancy Storage
- New commands for turning access logging on and off both for S3 Buckets and for CloudFront
- New setacl --acl-grant and --acl-revoke supporting all sorts of grantees, not only public/private as it used to be. [Timothee Groleau]
- CloudFront commands now accept bucket name (s3://bucket) as well as CloudFront distribution id (cf://A1B2C3D4E5) for convenience.
- Support for creating buckets in locations outside the original US and EU.
- Follow local symlinks for sync and putĀ  with --follow-symlinks option [Aaron Maxwell]
- Support for DefaultRootObject in CloudFront [Luke Andrew]

And of course a lot of bugfixes:
- ignore files that disappear during upload
- infamous "Error 21 - Is a directory" fixed (hopefully)
- fixed listing of buckets with 1000+ directories [Timothee Groleau]
- won't give up that easily on failed requests
- python 2.7 compatibility
- some other minor bugfixes ones

There are probably some more patches floating around that should make it into 1.0.0 - let me know if you have anything to contribute!

One major thing holding us back from releasing the final 1.0.0 is indeed the documentation. Any volunteers to bring the manpage up to date with the current code? No? Oh well... :(

Pretty please test test test the current s3cmd 1.0.0-rc1 and let me know if you experience any problems:

Looking forward for your feedback!