Oh dear, my bad... does this work better? I used TortoiseSVN's create patch btw.

Michal Ludvig wrote:
James Chan wrote:
Hello everyone,
    Made a small edit to get just the md5 of the file so I can do a 
md5sum on a local copy and compare the text output. Faster than getting 
the binary from the server and then diffing it.

Be nice to see it in there so I don't have to continue modifying it 
myself in the future. Cheers!

Hi James,

thanks for contribution. Unfortunately the patch in this format is 
useless - it removes the whole file and then replaces with - presumably 
- your modified one. Can you please post a proper diff that displays 
just the changes you've made? I guess you you've changed the line 
endings from Unix (LF) to DOS (CR/LF), that's what made the diff confused.



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