Deleting Local Copies

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    S3cmd is REALLY useful and many thanks for it.

    One job I am using it for is for backup and syncing between multiple computers. I am having problems deleting local copies of files, however. When a file has been deleted from a bucket and I sync a computer to the bucket (using --delete-removed and -f) the output of s3cmd tells me that the relevant local files have been deleted to match the bucket, but the files have not actually been deleted.

    If I am missing something simple I would appreciate a nudge in the right direction!

    Thanks again.

    • Michal Ludvig

      Michal Ludvig - 2008-11-29

      Ah, my bad, the command for actually removing the files has been left commented out :-(

      Please use the most recent SVN version (0.9.9-pre2+svn), the bug is fixed there.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Michal, thank you for your speedy help! 

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Having tried 0.9.9-pre2+svn the files now delete; thank you. However, when syncing (downloading from the bucket) I get the following;

      ERROR: (path/file): object_get() takes exactly 4 arguments (3 given)

      ...for each file and the files are empty. This is a pretty scary outcome!

      • Michal Ludvig

        Michal Ludvig - 2008-11-30

        Doh! That's the new code for download continuation. Apparently I haven't tested it with 'sync', only with 'get' :-(

        It's fixed in SVN, please update your s3cmd copy.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I've updated and all seems well. I've tested in Linux and OS X. Many thanks for your quick updates and help.


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