SVN checkout doesnt match 1.0.0 release

  • Mark Atwood

    Mark Atwood - 2011-03-14


    I've downloaded the 1.0.0 release, and also checked the tip of trunk out from SVN.  They don't match.

    For example, the 1.0.0 has, and the trunk lacks, functions like _fswalk_follow_symlinks, _get_filelist_local, fetch_remote_list, and so forth.

    Is there a more "real" source control repo, that the sourceforce svn is lagging?

  • Michal Ludvig

    Michal Ludvig - 2011-03-14


    SVN trunk is not supposed to match 1.0.0. If you want 1.0.0 code grab it from branches/1.0.x or tags/1.0.0

    As for the functions you're missing - they were moved to S3/ in the trunk.



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