problem with s3cmd and gpg encryption?

  • NET

    NET - 2009-02-11

    When I tried to turn on gpg encryption, encryption to s3 seems to work fine, but fetching/decryption fails.  What ends up happening is there is are two files, an intermittent, encrypted file and the final file name which is 0 byte length.  If I manually run gpg on the cmdline with the right key it will do the right thing.  Why is s3cmd bailing on its call to gpg?  How can I debug this?

    • Michal Ludvig

      Michal Ludvig - 2009-02-11

      What s3cmd and Python versions do you use? There was a bug with 0.9.9-pre5 and earlier running under Python 2.6 that may have caused this behaviour. Please upgrade to 0.9.9-rc3 and let me know if you still experience problems.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      This happened to me on Fedora Core 8 using s3cmd from the s3cmd repos.  It also now happens to me using the s3cmd that comes with debian lenny:

      $ s3cmd --version
      s3cmd version

      The problem is NOT that gpg is not working -- it is.  When I issue s3cmd get with a previously encrypted file, the file is downloaded from S3 with the same file name.  Then gpg goes to work decrypting to a file with a random hash appended to the file.  This file is properly decrypted.  What fails is that the properly decrypted file does not then overwrite the originally downloaded, still encrypted file. 

      • Michal Ludvig

        Michal Ludvig - 2009-06-06

        Is it still happening in 0.9.9? If not - are there any errors reported?

        s3cmd 0.9.9 should work just fine in FC8 - simply download the tarball, unpack and run. No installation needed.



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