Oliver - 2012-10-14

I am trying to do a (nearly) complete system backup using "s3cmd sync",
For this to work I need to add several exclude filters to exclude folders like proc which will cause an error on an attempt to copy them and stop the upload.
However I seem to have an issue where the exclude commands are being ignored and these folders are being copied anyway, below is a simplified example of what I have tried:
s3cmd sync -r -acl-private -delete-removed / s3://xyz/folder/ -exclude '/dev/*' -exclude '/proc/*' -exclude '/sys/*' -exclude '/tmp/*' -exclude '/run/*' -exclude '/mnt/*' -exclude '/media/*' -exclude /lost+found
I have also tried moving the excludes to before the folder+s3 folder but the issue still seems to occur.
Can anyone give me a hand with ths?
PS running version 1.0.0 on Ubuntu 12.04