Syntax Error in s3cmd

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Seems like a wierd error.....a new installation on centOS 5.1, new install of s3cmd using the tar source, I get this error:

    # s3cmd --help
      File "/usr/bin/s3cmd", line 482
    SyntaxError: invalid syntax

    Any ideas?   it's the same on all command arguments.


    • Michal Ludvig

      Michal Ludvig - 2008-06-10

      What python version is the default on CentOS 5.1?
      I wonder if it's 2.4.x and it perhaps doesn't support 'finally' statements. I'll test it and release a fix soon.

    • Michal Ludvig

      Michal Ludvig - 2008-06-11

      Please download s3cmd-0.9.8-rc1, it should work on CentOS 5 again.


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