Erik Günther - 2012-10-02


We use s3cmd on both linux (ubunut12.04) and macos (10.8.2) and we get way different speed when uploading.

linux: s3cmd version: 1.0.0 using https transfer
macos: s3cmd version: 1.0.1 using https transfer

* When uploding from the linux box we get about 3-4MB/s in upload speed and no errors.

* When uploading from Macos we first get a few errors while trying the higher speed then s3cmd slows down to about 300-350kB/s everything works fine but take about 10 times the time.

We use the same file (well close, the same file generated by the buiildsystem) and uploaded to the same bucket and the mashines use the same network and firewalls rules from the office.

Is there a know issue with macos beeing slower or can you help me debug this issue?