Add "cfinvalidate" command.

  • sbrath

    sbrath - 2010-10-28

    Do you think you could add in a cfinvalidate command to allow me to post either a batch-file, or a file-glob that I want to invalidate in the Cloud Front cache..    Might be willing to pay a bounty… Msg me…

    Also, I think the default on sync should be guess-mime-type, not None. But that's just my thought :)

  • Michal Ludvig

    Michal Ludvig - 2010-10-29


    regarding cfinvalidate … it's not high on my todo list but I can often be persuaded to reconsider my priorities ;-)

    re guess-mime-type - simply change the default in your ~/.s3cfg and you're done.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    How much persuasion are you looking for.
    S3cmd is amazing, but adding the invalidation vastly improve the tool.


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