#53 sync holes


I just found out that my backups are "splotchy". Lots of wholes. The command I use is
s3cmd sync --exclude 'Downloads' --exclude '.*' /mydata s3://jason-laptop/mydata/

I hope you know that I'm not trying to complain or make you take interest in my data. Hopefully this is useful data for the bug fixing process. I'm happy to provide other information or run tests.

most of my www found at /mydata/home/jason/www is missing leaving only this tree { tasks/repeating/* } leaving out {tasks/organize ; PPI ; chem ; LoginSystem}
Music had some interesting results
/mydata/Music only had "Papa_Roach" which is in the middle of my music alphabetically
in it only one album folder "Metamorphosis" was sort of uploaded
and a file LI was created somehow and was the only data that went to the server for Metamorphosis, file is empty.
All other music omitted from upload.

Most data is there. This issue is found in other places. a second attemp doesn't do anything as every thing appears to be synced. Targeting a specific folder to load where it should have does nothing as every thing "apperes" to be synced. Uploading a folder, ex. "www", to its own folder in s3://jason-laptop works.

You can ssh in if doing so is helpful to your project, in testing. I don't expect help. Just trying to get you usage data.


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    Anonymous - 2010-06-01

    OP here.
    I've run:
    s3cmd rb -r s3://jason-laptop #successfully deleted everything
    s3cmd mb s3://jason-laptop
    s3cmd sync --exclude "Downloads" --exclude '.*' /mydata s3://jason-laptop/

    Resulted in exact same file pattern as before.

  • Matt Domsch

    Matt Domsch - 2015-02-09
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