#113 Failure deleting files that had plus characters in name

s3cmd (119)
Matt Domsch

I used s3cmd sync to upload Fedora and EPEL content into a bucket. So far so good. However, on subsequent later runs of s3cmd sync, it fails:

INFO: Summary: 113117 local files to upload, 192 remote files to delete
ERROR: no element found: line 1, column 0
ERROR: Parameter problem: Bucket contains invalid filenames. Please run: s3cmd fixbucket s3://your-bucket/

I traced this down to failure to delete a file in s3cmd:

if cfg.delete_removed:
for key in remote_list:
uri = S3Uri(remote_list[key]['object_uri_str'])
output(u"deleted: '%s'" % uri)

In this case, key contains the file name (e.g. bonnie -1.0.1.i386.rpm) but notice that the plus signs in the name 'bonnie++' have been replaced by spaces. Apparently the uri cannot have plus sign characters, and something (was it s3cmd or Amazon) replaced the plus signs with spaces. Please note that the file may be downloaded from S3 using http to the URL containing plus signs, so that's not a problem. And I can use the AWS Management Console to manually delete such files. It's only invoking object_delete() on that URI that has had the plus chars replace by space chars that fails.


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