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0.7.1 bugfix release

* FIX: the S3 keys where not properly updated when entered from the admin console

Posted by Pierre CARION 2006-05-07

s3DAV 0.7 released

This new release of s3DAV provides a new way to upload data on your s3 account: you can upload data using a ftp client - s3DAV is now also a FTP server.

The compliance with the webDAV speicifcation has been improved but it's still not possible to mount s3DAV as a partition under Linux using davfs2 as the LOCK feature is not yet implemented.

s3DAV may now take params on the command line:
- to set the port numbers
- to set your s3 account informations (keys)

Posted by Pierre CARION 2006-05-06

s3DAV 0.6 released

The version 0.6 of s3DAV has been released.

It's now possible to use spaces or '&' in the names of files and directories.

In the buckets page of the admin console (
you can now see the 'raw listings' of all the objects which have been stored in your buckets (even the objects not created with s3DAV).
You also have a way to delete those objects.

There is now a cache mechanism used to cache the 'HEAD' requests.
This should improve the performances as a lot of 'HEAD' request are done to get the status of the file system

Posted by Pierre CARION 2006-04-18

release 0.4 available

s3DAV 0.4 is available.
1) The main change is that the spaces in names are now properly managed.
2) The logs can now be read from the admin page ( in the "Logs page"

Posted by Pierre CARION 2006-04-09

s3DAV on Sourceforge

The s3DAV is now using sourceforge inftrastructure to provide a better support to this project and to its users.
The main new features will be:
- to offer a mailing list to communicate about new releases
- to have a robust repository to store all the releases
- to manage the project sources under subversion

Posted by Pierre CARION 2006-04-05