#88 times out when connecting


PuTTY is timing out when connecting; I am not certain that it is sending out any packets to the server.

I'm not sure that this is PuTTY misbehaving - it might be some other part of my 'phone's software but was hoping you could shed some light.


*I downloaded from sourceforge and then copied to my 'phone
*My 'phone is a Nokia N90
*I have an O2 contract
**#000# tells me
*I selected the .sisx file and it ran the installer, I selected the options to allow it to install and to allow it to access the 'phone's connectivity.
*PuTTY appeared to be installed.
*I then ran PuTTY
*I selected the default profile and, when asked for the Host gave login.chiark.greenend.org.uk and in a subsequent attempt hermes.cam.ac.uk both known to allow SSH connections
*PuTTY informs me it is "Connecting to Network" and then "Connecting to server..."
*After some time it fails, giving no error message.
*I then altered the connection settings to log SSH data and debug and retried the log file says:
Writing new session log (SSH packets mode) to file E:\Documents\C.log
Looking up host "chiark.greenend.org.uk"
sk_namelookup: Looking up ^^
sk_namelookup: Resolved to
sk_namelookup: Reversed to chiark.greenenend.org.uk
Connecting to port 22
sk_new Connecting to,port 22, family 2048
sk_new Connect failed: -33, Socket connect failed: Timed out(-33)

*I have checked with a friend who is also on O2 and also using PuTTY, he informed me that connection settings identical to mine were allowing him to use SSH.
*I have called O2 to check that SSH is not blocked on my connection - it is not. (But they obviously don't offer help with making 3rd party apps work).
*I have used the same connection to access web pages via the 'phone's web browser.
*My contract forbids me from using the 'phone as a modem (and I don't know how I would do so) so, sorry, haven't tried that.

*I have attempted to SSH into my home network (which we briefly enabled) from my 'phone using PuTTY- watching the connection log from the other end my attempt to connect did not appear to be reaching the network.


  • Petteri Kangaslampi

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  • Petteri Kangaslampi

    As you suspected this sounds like a network issue. It seems like the TCP connection doesn't get opened at all, which usually means something in the network is blocking that connection. There is little PuTTY can do about that.

    One thing you could try would be to try to connect to a web server port (80) with PuTTY -- just change the port in settings. This obviously won't work, but you should get a different error message, certainly RSocket::Connect() should succeed. If this happens it's almost certain either something between your phone and the SSH server is blocking the connection. Note that this could be the server itself, or even theoretically the phone if it has third-party firewalls or similar software.

  • Petteri Kangaslampi

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  • Petteri Kangaslampi

    Sounds like a network issue, so unless there is more information available there isn't much I can do about this.

  • Petteri Kangaslampi

    • status: open-works-for-me --> closed-works-for-me
  • Petteri Kangaslampi

    Seems like a network issue and no more information available, closing. Please open this again if there is more information available.


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