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rzodyndns-beta-5 released

- solved issue with mutiple dhis zones
- added numerous dyndns providers
- new dyn dns providers can be easily added by adding a configuration file

Posted by rzo 2008-08-02

rzodyndns-beta-4 released

* New Ajax web interface.
* Access router per Upnp, SNMP
* P2P BChecker issues resolved
* Removed diverse bugs when crawling the router web interface (should now work with DLINK DLG series, see FaceIpMonitor docs).

Posted by rzo 2008-01-13

rzodyndns-beta-3 released

Beta 3 is mainly a bug fix release.
It has been throughly tested and should be running out of the box on mac os x, linux, windows.

Posted by rzo 2006-09-07

rzodyndns-beta-2 released

rzodyndns now supports monitoring with QRC authentication

Posted by rzo 2006-06-15

rzodyndns-beta-1 released

rzodyndns has been integrated with the rzomx project. The current release is a bundle of rzomx mbeans for dynamic dns update. the current version implements a crawl of the web interface of routers. thus it should be working with all routers. ip setting can also be done by reading the ip from a file.

Posted by rzo 2006-06-06