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RYUON / News: Recent posts

libstokes-0.5 and stokes-0.5 released

Release 0.5 is out.
now polydisperse systems can be handled fully up to FTS version.

Posted by Kengo Ichiki 2007-08-12

stokes-0.4 released

including three applications, xi3, bench3, and stokes3!

Posted by Kengo Ichiki 2006-10-23

libstokes-0.4 released


Posted by Kengo Ichiki 2006-10-23

initial release of stokes, and more

libiter-0.3, libstokes-0.3, and stokes-0.3 (in its initial) released

Posted by Kengo Ichiki 2006-10-12

libstokes-0.2 and libiter-0.2 released

libstokes-0.2 is released. as promised, matrix version is imported.
libiter-0.2 is also released due to the API change since 0.1.

Posted by Kengo Ichiki 2006-10-05

stokes web page is added

including a simple tutorial and wrappers to python, ruby, and guile!

Posted by Kengo Ichiki 2006-10-03

libiter-0.1 and libstokes-0.1 are just released

but, since I packed my local CVS tree to upload SF, I did some works and those releases are already a bit obsolete... You can grab the latest from CVS. Most likely I'll release 0.2 soon.

Posted by Kengo Ichiki 2006-09-28

CVS tree is up!

now two modules, libiter and libstokes, are up at CVS.

Posted by Kengo Ichiki 2006-09-28

new web pages and...

libstokes and libiter web pages are up. CVS will be ready soon (the request had been placed). Initial releases for those libraries are also coming shortly.

Posted by Kengo Ichiki 2006-09-27

twobody web page is out

Web page for one of the RYUON projects, twobody, is placed (in preliminary version).

Posted by Kengo Ichiki 2006-09-24