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v 3.2 released

Version 3.2 of Ryan's In/Out Board is now available. The major difference in this version is a fix to the "clientzone" functionality. If you use or need this fucntion then you afre advised to upgrade. You will need to apply your settings to the new config file as some of the changes are in that file.


Posted by Ryan Cartwright 2014-06-09

Demo updated

The demo version has now been updated to v3.1. It also shows the new custom form at the top option and Estimated return field as a drop down.

The demo can be found here http://www.equitasit.co.uk/cgi-bin/ryansiob/ryansiob.pl and the data is reset every hour on the hour

Posted by Ryan Cartwright 2010-11-26

v3.1 released

v3.1 is released today. Changes in this version are:

* The custom comments form can now be placed at the top or bottom of the page

* The Estimated return field can optionally be a drop down selector

* Any department filter remains applied when updating a person's status

Posted by Ryan Cartwright 2010-11-26

Demo now available

A demo version of RyansIOB 3 is now available at the project website


Posted by Ryan Cartwright 2010-03-04

v 3.0 released

V3.0 is today released. This version incorporates a number of changes particularly regarding the statuses. The binary "in/out" status has been replaced by a drop down list which updates on selection.

Statuses can also be specified in the URL when calling the script. See the readme for full details of what has changed http://www.equitasit.co.uk/ryansiob#readme

Posted by Ryan Cartwright 2010-02-26

Minor bug in v2.3

An issue has come to light where changing the $table_fontsize setting in the config file has no effect on the size of text in the table on display.

This is due to a minor bug in the config file. A fixed release will be available later this week but if you feel brave enough you can make the edit yourself.

1. edit ryansiob.config.pl

2. find the line that reads:
print "<td style='"; ... read more

Posted by Ryan Cartwright 2009-07-02

Delays to v3.0

Due to some personal issues I was unable to work on v3.0 very much. Thus it has been put back for the moment. I am hoping to
resume work on it soon and will update here when I expect there to be a release

Posted by Ryan Cartwright 2009-06-25

Planned release 3.0

Following the user feedback on the forums here and by personal contact, version 3.0 is planned for release in the second quarter of 2009.

See here for the full news release, including proposed features.


Posted by Ryan Cartwright 2009-02-17

v2.3 released

Email links now support multiple domains.

Following some feedback from a user (thanks Jason) a bug was found in the JavaScript refresh code added to v2.2
This has now been fixed and it's important that users of 2.2 update or their in/out board may not update statuses properly as their userbase grows.

Posted by Ryan Cartwright 2008-01-29

Future development

I've started a thread in the forum to find out what direction you want RyansEIOB to go now.
New features, changing existing ones... post your feedback in the forum.

Posted by Ryan Cartwright 2008-01-23

v2.2 released

New in v2.2
* Added optional departments for users. The resulting board can be filtered to show only one team or department.
* Added sorting by any field in either direction simply by clicking the field title.
* Security checks in place to increase datafile integrity. Ryan's In/Out Board now saves the datafile to a backup before changing it and first writes any changes to a temporary file. If the temporary file has a zero size the datafile is left as it was. This helps where the server may have glitched as it wrote the datafile - resulting in a zero byte file.
* Added additional refresh when changing to avoid situation where auto-refresh occurs as user submits data. The problem and solution are as documented in the forums. Thanks to the user community for this.
* Code tidied up - now "use strict;" works!... read more

Posted by Ryan Cartwright 2007-05-14

2.1.5 released

The copy of allout.pl distributed as part of v2.1.4 had corrupted characters at the end. This has been fixed for v2.1.5 .
No other changes have been made.

Posted by Ryan Cartwright 2006-08-02

v2.1.4 released - minor bugfix

This is a minor bugfix to the config script. The autorefresh meta tag wasn't being sent to the browser everytime.

If you are feeling brave enough you can save yourself the bother of downloading and make the change yourself

1. Edit the file ryansiob.config.pl
2. Find the following lines (lines 140-143):

if ($autorefresh) {
my $refreshcode = "<meta http-equiv='Refresh' content='$autoreftime;url=$cgiurl'>"
else { my $refreshcode=""; }... read more

Posted by Ryan Cartwright 2006-07-13

v2.1.3 released - minor bugfix

This is a minor release to bugfix the search script.
It was returning all entries in place of the actual search results.

If you are confident enough you can fix your existing script yourself instead of downloading the new version.

Posted by Ryan Cartwright 2006-06-26

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