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rxlib v2.7.6 for Delphi 6 to 2006 released

I have just released a maintenance update for rxlib. It is based on the latest source code I could find on the web and integrates all patches that I know of.

It contains packages for Delphi 6 to 2006 (which includes Turbo Delphi Win32 of course) and is known to compile with those Delphi versions. I do not have any other Delphi versions or C++ builder so I cannot say whether it may work with them. It will not work with Delphi 1 though.... read more

Posted by Thomas Mueller 2006-10-17

Delphi 2006 compatible sources in Subversion

I have just imported my Delphi 2006 compatible sources of rxlib 2.75 to the subversion repostitory. I'll check it using the Delphi versions to which I have got access (>=6) and then do a release.

Please feel free to download them and check them out.

Posted by Thomas Mueller 2006-08-13

new administrator / maintenance mode

The rxlib project has got a new administrator (me, twm).

I will put the project into maintenance mode, that is:

There will be no active development any more, only bugfixes and changes necessary to make it work with new versions of Delphi as they are being released.

Posted by Thomas Mueller 2006-08-13

Web site update


The SGB Software website will be brought offline this weekend and blocked from viewing for a period of 36 hours. This is to allow us to port all systems to our new hosting servers and to allow the IP tags to propergate the internet.

We all apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. This update is however required to facilitate the on going development and support of the Rx Library.

Kindest Regards
Scott Blood
Managing Director
SGB Software

Posted by Scott Blood 2002-04-19

Rx Library For Borland C Builder 6

A version of the Rx Library for Borland C Builder 6 is now available for download from here or at torry.net

Posted by Scott Blood 2002-04-15

Rx Library Bug Fixes


Over the next 2 weeks we will be adding fixes for bugs reported and bugs issued.

If you have any fixes for the library please mail only the affected .pas files to RxLib@SGBSoftware.com or add them to the bugs list on sourceforge.net.

All these fixes will later be accumilated into one minor update for the Rx Library Installation.

Kindest Regards
Scott Blood

Posted by Scott Blood 2002-03-11

New Release For Delphi 6

Dear user,

We are pleased to announce that you can now download an official release of the Rx Library for Delphi 6 from the Source Forge web site or by clicking here http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/rxlib/setup.exe

There are a number of forums also available on this site. If you come across any bugs or installation problems, please post a message on the boards and one of the other users or the SGB Software team will try to address this problem immediately.... read more

Posted by Scott Blood 2002-02-20

Rx Library Development

Anyone who is interested in contributing to the continuing development of Rx Library can send an email to RxLib@SGBSoftware.com with there details so they can be added to the Rx Library project on Source Forge.

We are planning to open up the development of Rx Library version 3 from the 4th of February.

All news subscribers will recieve more information as and when this becomes available.

SGB Software Support Team

Posted by Scott Blood 2002-01-17

RxLib Update

We are currently in the process of creating and releasing an official version of the RxLib for Delphi 6. This version will also include a number of minor bug fixes.

The update will hopefully ship sometime early in January. We will keep members of this project up to date.

SGB Software Development Team

Posted by Scott Blood 2001-12-12