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Submission of HYP

The dateline of HYP has finally reached. The project is temporary suspended. New goal will be set for the project in later dates.

Posted by David Kwok 2004-04-01

Completion of the Grammar Table

Finally the Grammar Table is done, capable of generating symbols from the source and also the states attributes are complete. Now is the time for DFA and checking for entailment.

Posted by David Kwok 2003-07-04

Completion of C AST

After much hacking, the full AST to represent a C source is done. The Project has gone into another stage where the source is to be approximated into a set of grammar described by the production rules.

Posted by David Kwok 2003-07-02

Learning on Flex, JFlex, Yacc, BYacc/J

Learning on Flex, JFlex, Yacc, BYacc/J

Posted by David Kwok 2003-05-10

Starting of Calling Pattern computation

A demo program is on way to demonstrate on the computation of the Calling Pattern. Codes and experience from this task will benefit in the actual program.

Posted by David Kwok 2003-05-07

Updated Consultation Log

Consultation 2 details are posted.

Posted by David Kwok 2003-05-07

Consultation Log

The Consultation Log is shifted from my webpage in my school account to the sourceforge webpage so that things will seems more integrated.

Posted by David Kwok 2003-04-28

Project is Online

Yes, the project is finally approved and is online. But I have yet to seek approval from my supervisor incharge of my Honours Year Project(current project).

Posted by David Kwok 2003-04-28

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