Bounty on FG crash bug

Version 0.2.7 was released with a major crash bug on FG attempts. It is a randomly occuring bug and as such may still be in later versions of this game. I have been unable to replicate the crash under simulated conditions, and am at a loss to figure out what's causing it.

So, here's the deal. This is a free project and I can't afford to pay anybody anything, but I can do this: an upcoming feature of this game is that there will be a sports article describing the results of games played, who played well, who played poorly, etc. This will be in web form and will serve as a web-browsing portal to the game's statistics. The first person to find the cause of and send me a fix for this bug will have the sports writer for the game named after them, and their name will appear in the byline for every article written.

It's nothing glamourous, but it's yours if you can find it.

Posted by aendeuryu 2005-01-30

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