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New version of RUR-PLE (0.(

A new version (0.9) of RUR: a Python Learning Environment has been released. It now includes a Spanish version. It has been updated and makes use of wxPython 2.6. See Change log for details.

Posted by André Roberge 2005-06-01

rur-ple version 0.8.7b released

New release for RUR- a Python Learning Environment. This release uses the new wxPython namespace.
Minor changes to the GUI have been made following suggestions by high school students and their teachers that have been early adapters; these changes should make the program slightly more user friendly.

Posted by André Roberge 2005-05-23

rur-ple release 0.8.6a

This version is mostly a bug fixed version.
unicode problem corrected (bug introduced in version 0.8.5)
linenumber information on syntax errors corrected
removed the URL browser capability
corrected typo and change explation of next_to_a_beeper() in lessons
* corrected name of robot in one lesson

tower of Hanoi solution(.rur file) (with two typical .wld files)
8 queen puzzle solution (.rur file)... read more

Posted by André Roberge 2005-05-19

rur-ple: new release (v. 0.8.5)

rur-ple is a 'python learning environment'. The new release includes new advanced examples of potential interest to teachers using it. Many minor bugs (related to the appearance of rur-ple) have been fixed.

Posted by André Roberge 2005-05-10

New release

Version 0.8 of RUR-PLE is now available. Among the many changes are a bilingual (English/French) interface, as well as many new lessons (since RUR-PLE includes a Python tutorial).

Note that the project home page does not reflect the new status of the project. Major updating of the project home page is planned for the near future.

Posted by André Roberge 2005-05-07