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RS 2.6.0 update

Tomes are being modded still for the new release. We hope to have bug-free complete adventures for play with the next updates.

Posted by Monty 2009-02-19

RS 2.6.0: Frankenstein Still in Surgery

It Lives! (Almost)

The next version of Runesword II is still being put together. To continue the Frankenstein analogy, he has a pulse, he has a heartbeat, arms and legs are in the right place, but he still needs a lot of touchup work. There is no set date for the release of RS 2.6.0 yet.

The team is working on the code, tweaking the new graphic interface, cleaning up the library, and modding tomes from RS 2.5.0 to take full advantage of the new changes. For more details on all the changes being done, stop over at the CrossCut Games website and check out the Forum. ... read more

Posted by Monty 2008-12-04

Project Update and Website

Well, here it is, mid-August, and we are still hard at work on 2.6.0 An item explorer is being added into Creator, with the ability to insert items into an opened tome. So you will be able to shop through your vast array of items and then insert the proper one.

I have to give mad props to Manikus for the new SF RS website. Looks sharp! I hadn't seen it since he changed the layout and added more in there. Awesome job Manikus! Thanks!

Posted by Monty 2008-08-18

Downloads and Wiki

Well well well. Looks like March was a pretty good month. No new news and yet we had almost 3,000 downloads. Holy moly, what are we going to have after the next release? Well, we still have to fix a bug or two and then I guess we'll find out! Stay tuned. Don't forget to explore the wiki and add to it!

Posted by Monty 2008-04-10

Shields, Wiki and Random tomes

Work has continued on various portions of RS. New shields and new shield graphics have been created. We should have enough different shield graphics now, probably time to move onto another graphic set!

Titi has continued to work out the final kinks in the code, and the wiki has been expanded with a few more pages here and there.

Posted by Monty 2008-01-09

News update

Some work has been done updating the graphics from RSI to RSII. Also, I have to say, seeing the graphics for the various skills is very very cool. The Lunaspell graphic is great to see, adds another dimension to the picking of skills!

There is also a newer version of the Dragon Merchant, still working on it actually. Getting a little more flavor in there and expanding the tome a bit. I know it is a sample of what can be done with the tome wizard, but I think we are going to expand on this tome and create another 'sample tome'

Posted by Monty 2007-12-23

Growth in Middle Earth

New items were created for the Middle Earth world, adding in some more content to the library. work has also progressed on the random tome for that world as well.

Posted by Monty 2007-12-14

2.6.0 beta release!

2.6.0 beta is ready for testing! Contact Titi or Monty for DL until it gets a little more stable and the library content is updated.

Posted by Monty 2007-11-12

Another round of bug fixes

Work is still progressing on 2.6.0, with another round of bugs destroyed by Titi.

In non-executable news, Elwyn's Sanctuary is the next tome to go through playtesting, additions to that tome include a new wilderness section outside of town and around the fortress, as well as small changes here and there.

Posted by Monty 2007-10-21

Interface Changes

For 2.6.0, we are introducing changes to the Runesword interface. This is to highlight some of the 'background' changes to the game, such as the new installation procedures for tomes and worlds, as well as a few others.

Posted by Monty 2007-09-23

Web pages and Wiki

Well, thanks to Manikus, our newest member, we have the beginnings of a webpage up and running. We also have more than 30 Wiki pages as well. Everything from walkthroughs of Trouble in Klempor to race details for the Northlanders. Still lots and lots to do for both sites, but things are moving along well. As for the source code, we are working on changes to the main menu and a few other details before the next release.

Posted by Monty 2007-09-08


We have started to develop the Wiki pages here on Sourceforge. Please, those who know things about the various tomes and worlds, contribute!

Posted by Monty 2007-08-02

Additions, Fixes and Changes

The month of July saw a tie for the highest total of tracker items. 16 bugs, feature requests and support requests were submitted and 15 were resolved. The only previous month with this many submissions was way back when the lists of bugs were moved over from the Crosscut boards.

Posted by Monty 2007-08-02


Still banging away at the new executables. Lots of new things, lots of fixes. Great stuff, just a few words to update the news page.

Posted by Monty 2007-07-27


We are feverishly working on the next update to the source, the latest things added were tweaks and fixes to some of the latest changes and additions. For example, we have been working with adding in a way to show when a character has more than 20 action points. At first we put the total right after the globes at top, and then we switched to a +<amount extra over 20> to show just the number extra over and above the 20 action point globes that show. Worked a little better that way I think. Stuff like that, trying to make this release good to go.

Posted by Monty 2007-07-14

Behind the scenes

Just wanted to let you know that we are hard at work on the next update. We are working through several bugs in the new source code. Lots of things are being added to combat and random encounters in particular and we want to make sure that the changes don't introduce new bugs!

Posted by Monty 2007-06-13


Double-click is being added into RSII, especially for picking up found treasure and other items. It is currently being implemented for items in a character's inventory as well.

Posted by Monty 2007-06-04


May has brought a slew of feature requests and improvement requests. There has also been increased testing of the tomes already available, as well as some bug reporting from someone other than me! Currently, the tome Phoenix's Rest has been getting most of the attention, but all of the tomes are going to get a good once over this summer, once school is out for yours truly.

Posted by Monty 2007-05-12

April '07 going out with a Bang

Well, the latest release is out and about. The month of April is almost gone. RSII is still going strong. Downloads this month should place April '07 in the top 20 for downloads per month. The next areas of focus are to round out the other worlds, not too many bugs being found with the source anymore, not like this last go around. :)
Looking forward to modding Colony Prime to a complete system, as well as expansions of Count0's realm. Supers is pretty well set, just lacking tomes. All in all, not a bad month. :)

Posted by Monty 2007-04-29

Bugs bugs bugs

Little things keep popping up from the new download. Minor issues having to do more with the new changes to the software than the tomes themselves. Nice to see some new and old faces coming around again on the boards.

Posted by Monty 2007-04-26

Patch 2.5.0a is available

This patch fixes the bugs listed below. NOTE THAT TO BE ABLE TO GET IT, YOU'LL NEED TO GO TO THE "OLDER RELEASES" IN THE 2.5.0 PACKAGE! (don't ask me why...)
* Fixed: new money had weight
* Fixed: RT53 when trying to delete a saved game in use
* Fixed: in the tome "An Eternian Home", the skills and spells were not given back to the right character after upgrade.

Posted by Titi 2007-04-24

Runesword 2.5.0 is released!

Runesword II 2.5.0 Released

Runesword II (RSII), released into open source by Crosscut Games in , is a Computer Role-Playing Game and construction set designed to appeal to the "pen & paper" role-player. This release marks a significant change to the software. RSII 2.5.0 fixes several dozen minor and major bugs, adds in new capabilities, and expands the game content considerably. read more

Posted by Titi 2007-04-21

Release Soon

Another release in the RS Open Source project will soon be available. More items, more tomes and more stability are the order of the day.

Posted by Monty 2007-03-30


Runesword does have animation. You won't see it used inmany tomes, but it is there.

Animations still have problems. I don't know if this is the way it is going to be, or if we are going to fix what we've got, or we're going to wait to see if we can do animation another way. As it stands, there is combat animation, and a workaround for animation using tiles. The current animation has a few issues, outlined in the bug listing. But it does work, and a would add a great new dimension to the game if used more often. The library will soon be update with an archer that will 'shoot' an arrow, so that is a start.

Posted by Monty 2006-12-26

What's next?

Well, now that we have gone through several updates, squashed major bugs, and come up with some pretty good additions to the wonderful software released some years ago by Adam and Dan. So where are we now headed? Well, there are still some bugs to squash, but the big question is to maintain compatibility or not. That is where we are headed.

Posted by Monty 2006-09-03

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