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This version can be UNSTABLE and recommended for experienced users


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RUNCMS 1.6MS2 (build 20070525)

Release date : May 25, 2007

[+] Added prototype.js library
[+] Add sitemap
[+] Add Criteria classes from XOOPS2

[+] XoopsPageNav: added new navigation buttons

[+] rc_user_submitter_label() function - show text label for submitter
[+] User's profile: show registration IP for sait admins - thanks for zeroreaction & Hawk

[+] XoopsModule: add remove function to clear cache/files - $xoopsModule->remove_cache() + $modversion['hasRemove'] for any module
[+] XoopsModule: add sitemap support
[+] XoopsModules which want use the mod_rewriting algoritm of RunCMS must contains in xoops_version.php

$modversion['hasRewrite'] = 1;

[+] XoopsTree: added GREAT optimization wich remove many numbers of SQL on the saits with big number of categories

[+] XoopsUser: new methods user_new_privmsg and user_privmsg (count messages and count new messages)
[+] XoopsUser: new methods getById & getByUName
[+] XoopsUser: add birthday

[+] RCTemplate: added get_html() method which returns rendered html of template
[+] RCTemplate: added basic templates caching for avoiding multiple loading of the same file

[+] Added rc_mod_url() function for unified mod_rewrited links for all modules

[+] search.php added search_result_show() for optimization
[+] Mod_rewrited links shown in search results

[+] added 3 new lang consts in language/xxx/calendar.php
[+] added new theme "runcmsorg" - Thanks for max-C4

[+] XoopsBlock: blocks file cache can be set ON/OFF by $xoopsConfig['blocks_file_cache']
[+] XoopsBlock: blocks cached one content for all users or different content for evety users
The block's cashing can be set in xoops_version.php files by

$modversion['blocks'][NUMBER_OF_BLOCK]['cache_time'] = 10;
$modversion['blocks'][NUMBER_OF_BLOCK]['different_content'] = 1;

[!] WARNING - Caching block for every user can full you disk free space
[!] KNOWN PROBLEM - layout broken if cached block contents Javascript -please don'use cache on this kind of blocks

[-] get_story_url, get_new_topic, get_download_url, get_link_url removed and replaced by rc_mod_url() & XoopsModule::rewrited_url()

[+] cache block
[+] update select in user form - add users.php for select user
[+] divided to pages inbox & send messages
[+] small bug fix in url
[+] cache request messages in user block

[+] remake mod_rewrited urls
[+] add the sitemap support

[+] remake mod_rewrited urls
[+] add the sitemap support
[+] add the template - include/linkformat.php not used anymore

[+] Automatically sign images as news title
[+] remake mod_rewrited urls
[+] add the sitemap support

[+] add mod_rewrited urls
[+] add the sitemap support

[+] Search users by registration IP for sait admins - thanks for zeroreaction & Hawk

[+] Limit to Module for any polls

[-] clear SQL cache if user activated from admin area
[-] XoopsUser: get uname from anonymous user in getUnameFromId
[-] doubled headers on block's deleting in admin area
[-] doubled headers if users has not access to banner module
[-] Not shown SQL queries (when in debug mode) in the XoopsTree::makeMySelBox()

[-] fix not working external.php
[-] Don't call banners methods if module not installed

This version made by EsseBe, Michael_XIII, Shurik2k5, bagu and others


Best wishes, Michael Neradkov