Hello for all!

New version of RunCMS available for using - RunCMS 1.6 beta
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RUNCMS 1.6 Beta (build 20070801)
[+] add new version of FCK editor 2.4.3

[+] add link to ip-locator sait in the ->makeClickable() method

[+] Added CAPTCHA in storyform for anonymous users if can post!

[+] optimization in blocks code
[+] return to forum instead of forumid in the topics URL for search engines

[-] MESSAGES: missed variable in config file (Shurik2k5)
[-] MYDOWNLOADS: Language const for name of scrolling block (Tnx designer_psd)
[-] NEWBBPLUS: fix various bugs & security holes
[-] MYLINKS: not approve existed links

This version created by EsseBe, Michael_XIII, Shurik2k5, bagu, Irbis, designer_psd and other!

RUNCMS 1.6A (build 20070619)
[+] You can set you own 'Private Messages' module for use instead standart 'messages'
by defining RC_PM_MODULE & RC_PM_LINK in you own theme (see common.php for example)

[!] RC_SESSION_TBL - added 'online' field, drop primary key from 'time' and set primary key
for 'hash' field for avoiding multipe errors for records with equal 'time's

[+] Rewritten code for optimize
[+] Work with system RC_SESSION_TBL instead from module's table
[-] remove module SQL 'lastseen' table

[+] add templates
[+] add resaving all content form DB to disk in admin area

[-] cache blocks for different themes
[-] crash if user missed when show userform
[-] don't show partners in block
[-] many xhtml warnings
[-] cookie int<->string bug in Firefox (Thanks for Renard)
[-] not process url's hash (#example) in mod_rewrited url's

[-] Class 'XoopsUsers' not found 

Download RunCMS 1.6 beta >>