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Trojan in Rufus!

  • Joakim_A

    Joakim_A - 2006-07-04


    I recently installed NOD32 on my system and it now with the latest virusdefinitions from July 4 report Rufus to be  a KeyLogger (Win32/Spy/KeyLogger.JM trojan ) I downloaded Rufus 0.69 from here so not the apparently fake Spyware version previously found on TorrentSpy. I have been using Rufus for a long time now but never knew it actually has a Trojan!. I have been forced by Nod32 to either delete Rufus or put it in Quarantine so I have put it there. Now I use µTorrent instead. 

    What is this all about?

    • Neatofx

      Neatofx - 2006-07-10

      Ever heard of a False-Positive? I've been using Rufus forever and Ive scanned it all with NOD32 and KAV 6. No trojan found.

    • rav0

      rav0 - 2006-07-15

      "I have been using Rufus for a long time now but never knew it actually has a Trojan!"

      It doesn't. Another virus has infected _your_ installed copy of Rufus (just delete it, remove ALL viruses from your computer, and redownload and install it), or NOD32 got it wrong (wait for fixed virus definitions to come out).

    • dimethicone

      dimethicone - 2006-08-14

      Today and as of the latest update, AVG Free Edition has flagged Rufus.exe v.7b as a trojan horse, calling it PSW.Generic2.EUH

      I am also being forced to not use Rufus by AVG Free Edition, and it happens to be blocking all access to all files that haven't been opened yet after finding this false positive. Obviously AVG won't last much longer on my machine.

      There could be a trojan in Rufus. This is a version I compiled myself, so it would have to be in the source code. Rufus is open source, and so it can be checked. It is extremely unlikely that there is a trojan in Rufus because of this. There _could_ be a trojan in it, but the author has come out against these hacked up versions of Rufus, and false positives happen all the time with antivirus.


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