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RUDL documentation project

Next to the API docs, there wasn't much documentation on RUDL. Now there is a wiki where documentation wil hopefully grow :)

Posted by Danny van Bruggen 2005-10-24

RUDL 0.8 released

Well, it's long overdue, but here it is: version 0.8. We have attempted to keep a changes log, the result can be seen by clicking the version number in the files screen. Yes, that's a very obvious place, thanks Sourceforge :)

We are experimenting with a new documentation system that we wrote for a lot of reasons. Because of this, the docs look a bit clumsy, but hopefully they will be better than the previous docs. (Not that there was so much wrong with those...)

Posted by Danny van Bruggen 2004-10-24

RubyConf 2004

Well, not enough donations have been made for us to go to :( Ah well :)

Posted by Danny van Bruggen 2004-08-02

Rennex turned admin

Since he's been such a good boy, Rennex is now an administrator for this project. That means that both developers have the same rights now, and he can fix SourceForge project stuff too.

Posted by Danny van Bruggen 2004-05-03

Website moved

The RUDL homepage has moved from FroukePC to SourceForge. Hopefully this will make it more accessible, since FroukePC is an old PC behind my cable modem :) Before doing this, I (re)moved as many update-prone parts of the site, either to some standard SourceForge functionality (this news thing could be seen as the developers log, for instance) or to /dev/null. The old log has gone there, since I don't know where I could put it on SF.... read more

Posted by Danny van Bruggen 2003-12-09

0.7.1 released

Well, after a month or two of work we've finished the new RUDL update. No new features, but it runs OK on Ruby 1.8, it had a few bug fixes and has a lot more samples and stuff. Check it out!

Posted by Danny van Bruggen 2003-10-25

RUDL is now stable

Well, stable, there still are bugs, but there won't be any big problems anymore. We think it's matured enough to be used freely.

Woohoo! :)

Posted by Danny van Bruggen 2003-09-30

Manuals, tutorials and games

At short term, we will not be adding more library wrappers to RUDL. Instead, we will add more documentation, a tutorial and several neat games to it, so hopefully more people will get interested. It's really a neat library, you know :)

Posted by Danny van Bruggen 2003-09-30

Autumn cleaning

We're in te progress of cleaning up RUDL for Ruby 1.8, and we are converting the CVS repository from a place to dump the main files to the shared development environment it is supposed to be.

Posted by Danny van Bruggen 2003-09-22

New developer

I've added Rennex to the team. He's going to do, well, stuff! Ain't that great?

Posted by Danny van Bruggen 2003-09-19

Mailing list created

Since the previous mailing list crashed, I've opened up a new one on Sourceforge. Look for it under "List."

The crash was caused by a malfunction of a harddisk in my home server, which hosted the mailinglist. All my passwords, the RUDL build script, email addresses crashed along with it. Ah well!

Posted by Danny van Bruggen 2003-09-17

Continuing log here

I'm continuing the RUDL development log here, the original is at

Fixed the problems:
.type has been changed to .class everywhere (solved deprecations and disappearing windows)
Some occurrences of ".6" have been changed to "0.6" since Ruby complained about it.

Now I have to get back in synch with SourceForge CVS, and rebuild the packaging script... *sigh*

Posted by Danny van Bruggen 2003-09-11

Switching to Sourceforge

I think I'm going to use SF a lot more, instead of my own site.

Posted by Danny van Bruggen 2003-09-11

Checking in

Hello all,
I'm using Sourceforge's CVS from now on, and will release version 0.6 and further from here.

Posted by Danny van Bruggen 2002-01-05