Still alive ?

  • Anonymous - 2005-06-16


    we are going to use rudl to devise a game. We would like to know if your project will evolve with new version of SDL and Ruby. Is there is still active developers ?


    • Renne Nissinen

      Renne Nissinen - 2005-06-16

      We are having difficulty finding the time and energy to work on improving RUDL. It is such a useful library that I will fix it for new versions of Ruby if it stops working, but currently I don't know when I'd have the time to improve functionality. We would welcome improvements, suggestions, code samples and other work by interested users!

      • Danny van Bruggen

        We also welcome people who want to be on the team, send a message and we will add you :)

        • Jason Reid

          Jason Reid - 2005-08-02

          Well, I wouldn't say that I'm ready to "join the team," having only just successfully compiled RUDL on my system.  But I'm feeling pretty good and may do some work with it.  I was just wondering, for starters, what version of SDL currently comes bundled with RUDL?

          • Danny van Bruggen

            In the samples directory, there is a program called "info.rb" which shows versions of all used libraries.

            RUDL.versions.each {|library, version|
                puts "#{library} #{version}"

    • Anonymous - 2005-06-17

      Is there any documentation about how to hack rudl ? Some dependency graph ?


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