• Danny van Bruggen

    I, Danny, think that two types of GUI toolkit would fit well in RUDL. One is the classic large GUI toolkit with lots of widgets and multiple windows, a desktop, icons and everyhing. It would be useful for more serious stuff. The other one is a simple GUI toolkit with only the widgets that appear a lot in games: a list of buttons for a main menu, a list of settings with sliders and stuff, a text entry field for name entry. No windowing, no layouting, not even complex looks, since you will want to draw your own buttons anyway.

    The big one is Koei, it's included in RUDL in quite a useless state, waiting for someone to enhance it, or replace it by something better. The small one was making good progress until a crash deleted it.

    What do the users want? What GUI tk? What components? How should a GUI be constructed with the tk?

    • Danny van Bruggen

      I've added a nice, small menu system to CVS. Not all possible menu items are finished, but those that are work well. I'd like a lot of feedback :)

    • Professor_x

      Professor_x - 2006-04-11

      Please don't use GUI tk. It's ugly on Linux. FxRuby is much better. Or a Ruby binding with PicoGui would be great.....


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