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  • Danny van Bruggen

    The RUDL team doesn't get a lot of feedback from its users. However, knowing what people are doing makes us happy, motivates us to do more work, and tells us what direction to take RUDL in. So, if you do *anything* with it, even just a bit of experimenting, mention it here, please :)

    • Mikko Perttunen

      Mikko Perttunen - 2003-12-12

      Well, some time ago, i experimented with it by making a super-small adventure game. I think i should start a new project using rudl...i'll just have to think about what kind of project.

      ruby + sdl with a good rubyish "syntax" is just great :)


      there you are :)

    • Danny van Bruggen

      Ok, that's one, come on, where is the rest? :)

    • TOGoS

      TOGoS - 2004-02-08
      • TOGoS

        TOGoS - 2004-02-08
      • TOGoS

        TOGoS - 2004-02-08


        I suppose I should add some more info...

        (remove spamblock)

        to try it out under windows:
        "d4-client -w worlds\test2"

        arrows - move around
        0-9 - select inventory position
        P - pick up an item
        D - drop item
        insert - use a switch (not implemented?)
        U - use an item
          (for instance, the blue key,
           while   standing in front of the blue lock)
        Ctrl+E - toggle editor mode
        escape/slash/tab - goto command prompt

        exit - duh
        dig [5,2] [8,8] - make a 8x8 room with
          the top, left corner 5 squares to the right
          and 2 squares down from the top, left corner
          of the current room
        dig n - dig a room same size as current to the north
        link foo bar [8,12] - have room 'bar' be positioned at
          [8,12] relative to 'foo'
        goto foobar - goto the room called "foobar"
        goto [2,3] - goto position 2,3 in the current room
        goto foobar [1,3] - goto [1,3] in 'foobar'

        there's more info in doc/readme.txt

        Have fun,
        - TOGoS

    • Danny van Bruggen

      That's the most complex thing I've seen up to now (I've never seen the game cabinet that someone has made with RUDL, that could have been even more interesting) and I'm still wondering what it is ;) A Rogue/nethack kind of thing?

    • Danny van Bruggen

      I've had mail from someone in France who is using RUDL for a presentation system and is also writing a GUI system for it called "Petite". I hope this one gets finished, unlike Koei :)

    • Danny van Bruggen

      I just found this: which mentions this: which is the biggest RUDL project I know of. It is commercial, the programmer gave great feedback and hundreds of machines with the game were placed all over London, and I think England, in pubs. Neat huh?

    • Brian

      Brian - 2004-07-27

      Not directly a RUDL release, but I used RUDL pretty extensively for prototyping during our port of Snood to the Palm OS 5.  Saved me a huge amount of time when designing and optimizing.

    • Jakub Pavlík

      Jakub Pavlík - 2008-09-05
      A Lost Vikings clone using RUDL since it's beginnings (2004?)
      I have also made up a small GUI kit called GameUI, which in fact is a part of freeVikings.


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