Random segfaults

  • Peter Thoman

    Peter Thoman - 2005-03-02

    Today I suddenly felt an urge to work a bit on my RUDL game -- Rudloid -- which has been a dormant project for quite some time (measurable in years in fact ;)). After installing RUDL again I first "fixed" the Rubygems problem using "require__", and then everything seemed to run fine again.

    However, I soon started to get apparently random segfaults during testing. They would happen at any time, from 0 to n seconds into running the app, and sometimes not at all during a test. To make a long story short, after some hours of trying different changes, they still appear to be pretty random. The only pattern I could discern is that they don't happen if I disable all my drawing routines.

    My platform is WinXP SP2 with the lates Ruby Installer and RUDL 0.8. The problem happens with both the release and the debug build of RUDL. The Segfaults did not happen the last time I worked on this game, on RUDL 0.7.

    It's perfectly clear to me that this problem is probably impossible to fix from just this report, so if anyone wants to debug it (RUDL, not my game ;)) I'll upload the current version of Rudloid somewhere.

    Anyway, to end on a more positive note here's a screenshot showing some action ;)


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