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Gone beta!

Thanks to some good feedback and a lot of code tweaking, I'm glad to announce
the first beta version of Ruby/SMB.

Improvements since last release is the stat feature (and the SMB::File::Stat
class), SMB::File#seek now working with SEEK_END, improved url parsing, plus a
bunch of small useful features and bug fixes.

The included smbclient.rb very simple ftp-like network client works well too,
and I even use it as my primary network browser and mp3 downloader. =)

Posted by Henrik Falck 2002-03-06

First alpha release!

After a long time of lurking in the Ruby community I have finally managed to
produce something...

Ruby/SMB is a C library that glues together Ruby and samba's libsmbclient. It
makes it very easy to work with smb network resources - they behave almost
exactly like local directories and files!

It is an early alpha, supposed to be released tomorrow, but due to the
overwhelming demand for smb client libs on the ruby-talk list [;o)] I decided to
released it today. I'm not sure it will compile on your computer, but it does
on mine, and it works well. Please report bugs and I'll fix them asap.... read more

Posted by Henrik Falck 2002-01-11