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Ruby Development Tool / News: Recent posts

0.9.0 Release Candidate

Hi there!

A first release candidate for RDT 0.9.0 is out!

This release has quite a lot of changes, so please check out the change log. Most notably are the inclusion of refactorings, mark occurrences support, improved code completion, better integration with the ruby interpreters, ruby-debug support, go to declaration, and under-the-hood type inferrencing.

This release lays the groundwork for a great number of new features (and more to come).... read more

Posted by Christopher Williams 2007-04-18

0.8.0 Released

The best news about this release is the Ruby Browsing perspective. Then there is the New Class wizard and
improvements on template handling and syntax highlighting. The complete Changelog:

RDT 0.8.0 runs with Eclipse 3.1 and 3.2 (tested with RC1a).

for instructions on installing either the zip file or via update manager.

Posted by Markus Barchfeld 2006-04-27

0.8.0 Release Candidate

Hi there!

A first release candidate for RDT 0.8.0 is out!

We have got a ruby browsing perspective, a new class wizard, code formatting for templates, better highlighting and a goto matching bracket action (try Ctrl+Shift+P after a bracket).

Please check the new features and report bugs at the following URL:

Here you can also find the fixed bugs since the last release:... read more

Posted by Markus Barchfeld 2006-04-10

0.7.0 Released

After some minor fixes since 0.7.0 Release Candidate we have released RDT 0.7.0.

Install either the zip file from the download section or use the Eclipse Update Manager. This release is part of the integration and release update stream available at the following URL's:

If you decide to follow the integration stream you can automatically update to integration releases and release candidates in addition to regular releases. See for more information.

Posted by Markus Barchfeld 2006-01-20

0.7.0 Release Candidate

The development of 0.7.0 has reached a point where we can present a release candidate. New features include ruby specific searching and text hovers with ri information. Next to that there are a lot of improvements with code completion, in the editor, outline view and debugger. More details can be found in the changelog.

Note that our update site URLs have changed. The old URLs have been redirected, but the udpate manager doesn't handle it correctly. Please read the download information if you want to use the udpate manager (this build is available in the integration stream):... read more

Posted by Markus Barchfeld 2005-12-29

0.6.0 Released

RDT 0.6.0 is out and we finally support Eclipse 3.1. Like always it as available as zip file and from the update site, for instructions see below.

This release really took a long time. But there are a lot of new features and there has been the integration of JRuby behind the scenes. This has been an important step towards further improvements with respect to code navigation and code completion.

What we've learned from the long release cycle is that we will divide bug fixes from the development of new features and will therefore be able to provide a service release soon if need be. So, please report bugs, you will be rewarded soon!... read more

Posted by Markus Barchfeld 2005-09-28

0.5.0 Released

This release includes a significant number of new features for RDT. New features included in this release: Test::Unit runner, Template code completions (which can be created and edited by users), a Regular expression plugin, an introductory tutorial/cheat sheet, integration into Eclipse's Welcome screens, and assorted bugfixes.

As an alternative to the zip file we also provide an update site for the eclipse update manager at Please note that the 0.5.0 release is not yet available on the update site, but will be within the next day or two.

Posted by Christopher Williams 2004-11-28

0.4.2 Released

This release is mainly a maintenance release in order to be compatible with the Eclipse 3.0 release. There are only a few changes in the user interface concerning the editor preferences and the outline view, which shines with new symbols. Many thanks to Narushima Hironori who provided the gifs!

Like always there are two *alternative* ways of installation: download either the zip file and unzip to your eclipse installation or use the update site at You can find further information on our wiki at read more

Posted by Markus Barchfeld 2004-06-27

0.4.1 Release

RDT 0.4.1 has been developed and tested for Eclipse M8. Thanks to quite a few bug reports we could fix several bugs particularly concerning the outline view and code formatter. For detailed information see the Changelog and the documentation at

RDT can be installed via zip file or using the update site at See home page for further informations. If you have 0.4.0 installed, using Help>Software Updates>Find and Install... should be the simplest way to update.... read more

Posted by Markus Barchfeld 2004-05-09

0.4.0 Released

Many thanks to Chris Williams who revitalized this project! This release was developed for Eclipse 3.0 M7 and should also work with M8. For a list of updates and additions check the Release Plan on our new home page. As an alternative to the zip file we also provide an update site for the eclipse update manager at

Posted by Markus Barchfeld 2004-04-01

0.3.2 Released

After two months a new release: better debugging, a first attempt of code formatting, improved variable view and code inspection. We look forward to your feedback.


Posted by Markus Barchfeld 2003-04-17

0.3.1 Released

Don't forget that we are still building against Eclipse2.0.2. Also, if you want to debug, you must use Ruby 1.6.8. There is no longer a need to modify your debug.rb (ie, copy it from the install).


Posted by Adam Williams 2003-02-11

Release 0.3.0

What took so long?!? Nothing, really. Everything, though. Life has been busy. I want to try to commit to releasing once a month, regardless of feature maturity. Sorry this one took so long. Hopefully it's a step in the right direction.

The swell in size is due to our use of JRuby for parsing to do outlining. Thanks to the JRuby folks for their code.


Posted by Adam Williams 2003-01-18

We're still here

Just in case any of you were wondering, we are still here. Folks at RoleModel are using the plugin to develop Customer Tests, all of which are written in Ruby. Now that I am back at the Studio I have experienced the amazement of dynamic languages. I have also discovered some bugs in RDT! The code in the repository is going through some changes, most of which will only make it easier for me to add features. Most of my time is spent learning the Eclipse APIs. In particular, I am focusing my efforts on writing tests and trying to figure out the best way to do this. If anyone who reads this is familiar with the way does their testing, I would love some help. I noticed that they have lots of test projects out there, but my brain is just small enough (and time limited enough) to prevent me from groking as soon as I'd like.... read more

Posted by Adam Williams 2002-08-07

Need help packaging plugin

Adam hasn't been able to get the plugin working outside of the development runtime workspace. Anyone who has experience deploying a plugin - PLEASE HELP!! Shoot me a email and I can tell you what I've tried. -adam

Posted by Adam Williams 2002-04-28