I like to think I'm a fairly open-minded guy, but this is not the list to post something like this to.

RDT and RadRails would be direct competitors to the project you are proposing, so I think it a bit crass to ping our mailing list for help in creating a direct competitor and duplicate so much work.

I wish you luck in your grad project, but if you want help with DLTK, I suggest you ask the DLTK guys.

On 6/17/07, Hisham El-Hifnawi < hhifnawi@gmail.com> wrote:
Hello DLTK Ruby community,

My group and I (Ruby Riders) are doing our senior grad project and it's about building on top of DLTK Ruby, Rails support and extending features form DLTK Ruby and adding some other features.
We tried out DLTK Ruby and good job and it has nice features (I tried the stable one which was released last week) and looking forward to compete with radrails. We will start reading the src code and we'd like to know from where to start, like to put us on the right track (like the macro view, we were actually thinking of using java code reverse engineering to get a high view of the classes to see where to start, but didn't find one yet)
I tried signing in at eclipsedltk.org but there is something wrong with it as I can't loging and change my password because after I click on submit (after I wrote down my password) it says unauthorized page, and I couldn't find someone to email for help, so I thought to share this so see how can it be solved.
Hisham ElHifnawi

Computer Science Senio