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Download site is changed.

Download: http://rubyforge.org/frs/?group_id=3959
rubyforge.org maybe is more popular for ruby users. So, I plan to develop RDE on sourceforge.net, and upload the files on rubyforge.org.

Posted by Kazuki Saito 2007-07-06

RDE 1.1.1 is released.

== 2007-07-07 1.1.1
* Fix code converter setting broken.
* update data of auto complete with ruby-1.8.6
* Add close button on tabs.
* Add OverWrite in Edit Menu.
* Integrate Debug Menu and Run Menu.

Posted by Kazuki Saito 2007-07-06

RDE 1.0.1 released

a little bug fixed version
* FindMark are drawn in some cases
* GUI scripts does not work well
* combobox history is infnite in search and replace dialog
* FileJump does not work well
* HelpMenu does not work well on some PC.
* Define Escape key in any dialogs.

Posted by Kazuki Saito 2005-10-02

RDE sources were registed in CVS

RDE latest sources were registed in CVS. You can compile it with Delphi5 Pro and maybe others...

Posted by Kazuki Saito 2005-09-24

RDE1.0.0 released

RDE version 1.0.0 released.

Posted by Kazuki Saito 2005-09-23

RDE 1.0.0beta3 released

Maybe final beta for version 1.0.0
Reported bugs had been fixed.
Chage toolbar icon with full color.

Posted by Kazuki Saito 2005-08-28

RDE 1.0.0beta2 released

some reported bug are fixed.

Posted by Kazuki Saito 2005-08-13

RDE 1.0.0beta1 released

RDE will return soon. Documents is not ready and Selection of bundled files has not completed yet.

Change log is below.

Posted by Kazuki Saito 2005-08-09

RDE0.9.9.0 released

RDE is the development environment for Ruby on windows.
RDE is the GUI wrapper of debug.rb and powerful editor for ruby.
You can edit, run and debug your scripts by GUI interface.

Posted by Kazuki Saito 2002-12-24

RDE0.9.8.0 released

Japanese and English binarys are integrated.

== 2002-10-14

* Menu caption multi language
* AutoScroll
* When dragging with right button click, then scroll.
* BUG Fix: ignore CRLF output in console window.
* Key assigned functions increased.
* Spec of default.key is changed.
* Statusbar: Show context menu when right click on filename.
* Statusbar: Show line count when click on rowcol.
* Etc...

Posted by Kazuki Saito 2002-10-21

RDE0.9.7.0 released

== 2002-08-25

* Macro.
+ RDE is OLE Automation Server. You can control RDE by Ruby, VB(A), Perl, etc.
* Abbreviation expansion. [Tools]-[Abbrev]
* Manual registration class/module type for variables.
* Drag a current file from statusbar.
* Exchange tab order by dragging with shuift key downing.
* [View]-[CodeWindowList]
* [Run]-[Quick Register]
* Run Register Script without showing Console Window.
* Edit Register Script by click with control key downing.
* Etc...

Posted by Kazuki Saito 2002-08-28

RDE0.9.6.0 Source released

RDE0.9.6.0 Source released

Posted by Kazuki Saito 2002-06-28

RDE0.9.6.0 released

RDE0.9.6.0 released

Posted by Kazuki Saito 2002-06-25