RubyCocoa 0.4.1 was released

RubyCocoa 0.4.1 was released!
(The web site have been moved from\)

The '.pkg' binary packages are available for Mac OS X 10.3/10.2.
All of framework, library, documents, samples and Xcode/ProjectBuilder
templates are contained in the package. These items will be installed
into the appropriate place. It is available to start of RubyCocoa
programming or use of RubyCocoa application immediately.

== Changes from 0.4.0

* enable bundling RubyCocoa.framework within an application bundle

Change a build configration of RubyCocoa.framework project, to
execute a RubyCocoa application on the environment which is not
installed RubyCocoa. It allows that RubyCocoa application itself
bundles with RubyCocoa.framework.

* Mac OS X 10.3 and Xcode supported

== What's RubyCocoa?

RubyCocoa is a Mac OS X framework that allows Cocoa programming in
the Object-Oriented Scripting Language Ruby.

RubyCocoa allows writing a Cocoa application in Ruby. It allows
creating and using a Cocoa object in a Ruby script. In Cocoa
application, mixture of program written by both Ruby and Objective-C
is possible.

Some cases using RubyCocoa:

* Exploration of a Cocoa object's feature with 'irb' interactively
* Prototyping of a Cocoa application
* Cocoa application that include good feature of Ruby and Objective-C
* Wrapping Mac OS X native GUI for Ruby script

Posted by kimura wataru 2005-04-06

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