Here's my next newbie question:

I have a custom view and a text field(label text, not input) in the document window of a document based app.  I want to change the text field based on a mouseDown event in the view.  To start I would like to change it to the mouseDown coordinates.  I can get the mouseDown coords, but I can't figure out how to affect the text field.

This is from my view class:

ib_outlets :mCoords

def mouseDown (event)
    @center = convertPoint(event.locationInWindow, :fromView, nil)
    @mCoords.setStringValue @center.x
    puts @center.x
    puts @center.y

mCoords is the text field.

I think I need a controller class, I just can't figure out how to connect it all together.  I guess I was expecting the UI objects that I create in Interface Builder to have a unique property (name or ID) that I can reference.

thanks in advance,