Le 23 mars 06 à 00:52, Tim Burks a écrit :

thanks, I guess this is an issue with hieraki -- I don't recall setting the character type explicitly, it's probably in the hieraki page layouts.  I'll look at this later and see if I can clean it up.  What is it breaking for you?

Hi Tim,

i've done a small ruby app "AddMenu" which add a menu to off-line html files, everything i add is in utf-8 then i must know first the encoding of the html file in order to convert it to UTF-8.

for the time being i've used the meta content type charset, but your site gave me me an exemple this could be wrong.

on the seven step of "The Rubification of RoundTransparentWindow"

i get :

UTF-8 for all files using guess1 of nkf
SIJS for tree of them, UTF-8 for the others using guess2 of nkf

i've found nkf #guess1 and #guess2 badly documented, no page saying the encoding versus the numerical returned code...

Nothing breaking for me because that gave me an example to find a workaround....

No prob also with a browser, safari and firefox detects the right encoding.